How to delete all emails at once – Gmail

The new tabbed layout of Gmail may look good for organizing, but after a while it gets very confusing. The old tutorial on deleting all Gmail emails does not work in the new layout so here is how you can delete all Gmail emails in the new interface.

There are just a few steps to clear your mailbox.

Delete all Gmail emails

1. Click “Settings”  and go to “Configure Inbox
A select tabs to enable box will appear. You should now untick all categories, but keep “Primary”. By doing this, all emails will be in “Primary” tab. Click “Save“.

Now your emails should appear in one page (not tabbed).

Delete all emails Gmail

2. Click the “Select all” button next to “Reload”
When you click “Select all” button, only the emails of actual page will be selected, so you will see a yellow box saying:

“All 50 conversations on this page are selected. Select all # conversations in Inbox“

3. Click “Select all # conversations in Inbox
After you click the “Select all conversations in Inbox” all emails will be selected and you will be ready for the final step.

4. Click “Delete” button
When you click the delete button a confirmation box will appear:

“This action will affect all # conversations in Inbox. Are you sure you want to continue?”
Just click “Okay” and all your emails will be deleted.

You can also delete all read emails by searching the following text in your emails without the marks: “in:unbox is:unread

Check out the video tutorial I made on “How to delete all emails in new Gmail tabbed layout”


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