Delete all Facebook Messages at once

Deleting a whole conversation in Facebook with only one click is very easy. Sometimes we cannot figure out that somethings how easy are and we delete all messages one by one, but today i am teaching you to delete all messages in a Facebook conversation and permanently.

delete all messages facebook

The slow way

1. Go to the conversation you want to delete and click “Actions

After you click the “Actions” button in Facebook messages, you will see a drop down menu. Click “Delete Conversation
After that you will see a confirmation

Delete This Entire Conversation?
Once you delete your copy of this conversation, it cannot be undone.

To permanently delete all conversation click on the blue button “Delete Conversation

Make sure you don’t delete any important message as there is no way to recover any of them.

Delete All Facebook Messages At Once

Developer Ravan Scafi created a Google Chrome extension to help you to take control of Facebook Messages. This extensions adds a button to delete all Facebook messages with one click. Also it adds another button to delete one Facebook conversation immediately. This extension saves you plenty of  time so I suggest you to use it if you are a Google Chrome user.

Download Facebook Fast Delete Messages extensions and save your time

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